The moment has arrived, it’s one of those milestones in life, a celebration that will always be remembered, you have found true love and have decided to marry…congratulations!

There are things to plan for now, it’s not something you do every day!.

On the list is selecting a celebrant, the right one is someone who you can connect with and at the same time, someone who can help in suggesting and guiding you towards the big day.

Each couple is unique, the opportunity for the celebrant is to reflect this in a personalised ceremony, to find the balance between the formalities of a marriage and the romance that you both share.

I bring a professional approach from years in public life matched with a soft and trusting nature. Before celebrancy my background was in leading large hospitality organisations so planning, dealing with the people, thinking on your feet, and public speaking come natural. And uniquely being contemporary, engaging and caring has lead me to become a celebrant, and I love it!

It’s a joy to be part of your special day.

Let us begin

It is best to meet you and your partner so we can all to get to know each other. This is also an opportunity for you to find out what’s involved, there is no commitment for you to proceed at this stage. When you are happy to make a booking then we put the wheels in motion. Hopefully we are a good match and therefore you could prepare for our first meeting by reviewing these documents:

STEP 1 - Notice of Intention to Marry (NOIM)

• You can download this form, follow the instructions and get started by filling this out. I need to receive this at least 30 days prior to your wedding. I will also need to sight an original copy of your Birth Certificate, and if born outside Australia a current Passport. And a current photo identification such as a drivers licence. Also if you have been divorced or widowed, proof of evidence will need to be provided in the form of a Decree Absolute or Certificate of Death...

• Overseas Couples: A Marriage performed in Australia is recognised in your own country. You need to provide original copies of Birth Certificates or Passports and as above evidence, if you have been divorced or widowed proof of dissolution of any previous marriage or a certificate if you have been widowed.

Again I need to have received A Notice of Intended Marriage Form at least 30 days prior to the Wedding day. This form if completed overseas needs to be signed by any Australian Consular Officer or any Notary Public (Stated on the form).

Download PDF Download DOC

STEP 2 - Service Agreement Tweed and Gold Coast Marriage Celebrant

STEP 3 - Government Websites

NSW Births, Deaths & Marriages
Relationships Australia
Department of Immigration

Note. Your legal documents are forwarded to the Births, Deaths & Marriages office, on the following business day after your wedding. Please allow 10 working days before applying to Births, Deaths and Marriages for your certified copy of Marriage Certificate. Please see their website for fees etc.

Getting closer to the day

By now I would have already sent you a draft of your personalised ceremony so at this meeting we go through the finer detail of what will happen during the ceremony itself. Things such as what your cues will be, where to stand, who gives the bride away, who holds the bouquet, where the signing will take place and more! This helps with the nerves on the day because everything is planned so you get to enjoy the moment…perfect.

We will also do a little more paperwork as you sign Form 14 Declaration of No Legal Impediment to Marriage.

Download PDF Download DOC

Naming Ceremonies

Surrounded by family and friends this is a wonderful way to celebrate the arrival of your precious baby and official welcome them into this world. I can assist you in creating a joyful and personalised ceremony for this special occasion.

With all the detail in place you will be able to relax, enjoy and treasure this moment.